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About program:

The program "StudioUEC" is designed to automate the process of photographing and digitizing signatures. Thanks to its flexible settings of parameters and modes of transmission ready photos and signatures, the program can be used to work with a variety of databases (DB), control systems and access control systems (ACS ), with softwares, which is used for the manufacture of driving licenses, electronic policies, for tachograph and transport cards, badges, permits, transportation, pension, campus, ISIC, and any other cards.
Taking pictures can be produced directly from the program using cameras that support remote control from a computer, such as Canon EOS 1100D, or HD WebCams, such as Microsoft LifeCam Studio.
The program allows to digitize the signature using conventional scanners or using low-cost graphics tablets, such as Genius G-Pen F350. In addition, thanks to the built-in Wacom driver, it allows you to work with the specialized signature pads Wacom STU-300, STU-500 and STU-520.
In developing the program "StudioUEC" the emphasis was on the fact that it must be very simple, clear and easy for users with minimal knowledge of computer technology.
If necessary, we can make virtually any changes to the program and modify it to the specific requirements of the customer.

Download DEMO

Brief description:

Main Window
The program interface is simple and intuitive. After running StudioUEC program the Main Form appears on the screen. In it, in addition to the main menu, tools for capturing photos, digitizing signatures and image processing, there are two Image Boxes. The left Image Box shows the preview video that is coming from a Digital Photo Camera or a Web Camera. After shooting this Image Box displays the downloaded raw picture in which the program automatically finds the face and places a crop box so to ensure the implementation of geometric requirements for photos. The portion of the downloaded picture that is inside the crop box appears in the upper right Image Box. This Image Box shows the preview of the finished photo which will be saved to a file or copied to the clipboard.
Operator using the mouse or the "hot keys " can manually adjust the position and size of the crop box, and hence the appearance of the finished pictures.
Text tips on working with the program appears at the bottom of the window, which greatly simplifies the process of training of operators.
Signature digitizing
In addition to taking photos the program have the ability to digitize signatures as using low-cost digitizers, such as Genius G-Pen F350, and with the use of specialized Wacom tablet models: STU-300, STU-500 and STU-520. The main difference between a professional Wacom digitizer from the ordinary in the fact that the pen leaves a mark on the surface of the pad, so there is a feeling as of writing on paper.
The program will automatically select the region of the signature, it will cut out and will scale to the size specified by the user. Then, the signature can be saved to a file or copied to the clipboard. As in the case of photography, the operator has the opportunity to make manual corrections.
If you do not have a graphics tablet, the signature can be entered into the program using a conventional scanner.
Управление фотоаппаратом с ПК
Digital Camera remote control
Most of digital cameras do not allow to take photo, if they are connected to the computer by USB cable. Therefore, in the course of taking ID photos after each camera shoot it is necessary to connect the camera to the computer first, then to download a picture from its memory card, then to process and print a photo, again to disconnect the camera from the computer and only after that to take picture of the next person. Thanks to the function of the camera remote control realised in "StudioTW" for the cameras mentioned below, it is possible to simplify and accelerate this procedure, having created some kind of the automated workstation. This function allows to set all necessary parametres of shooting (zoom, flash mode, white balance, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, …) and to make photography directly from the computer. You instal the camera on a tripod, connect its USB cable to the computer and through program "StudioTW" take photos by pressing buttons on the keyboard. After each photographing the photo is automatically transferred from the camera to the computer. All procedure of taking and printing photos takes less then couple minutes. Besides, it is possible to see a camera viewfinder preview on the computer monitor before shooting. So it will allow to take photos even when the operator is sitting back or sideways to the client.
Управление фотоаппаратом с ПК
Shooting by WebCams
If the quality of photos is not imposed such strict requirements as to the photo on the passport or visa, then instead of expensive digital photo camera, you can use a WebCam. Especially because many eminent manufacturers offer models with matrices from 2 megapixels, which is enough to produce quality photos on plastic cards, badges, name tags, etc. Very good photos are using webcams "Microsoft LifeCam Studio".
In our opinion in today's HD WebCams, there is one drawback - the lack of flash. So you have to mess with setting up the lighting. But they are a distinct advantage - the price of 100 US $.


Internal graphics editor
If it is required to retouch a photo, you can take advantage of the built in editor of program "StudioTW". In it you also can make red eyes reduction or change clothes on the person.


Image Adjustments
For printing high quality photos, the operator can correct a photo on brightness, contrast, sharpnesses, to a saturation and colour shades.

Main features:

  • Digitizing the signature using the graphics tablets, including Wacom STU-300, STU-500, STU-520;
  • Taking picture by High Definition WebCams;
  • Remote control of consumer Canon and Olympus cameras, supporting this feature *;
  • Remote control of Canon EOS photo cameras, supporting this feature *;
  • Saving processed and cropped photos and signatures to the JPG or BMP files;
  • Automatic face recognition. The program itself will find the face in a picture and will cut a photo so that to provide the set requirements to the sizes of a photo and head layout on it;
  • Automatic signature recognition;
  • Manual framing (cutting) of photos and signatures by means of mouse or hotkeys;
  • Possibility of turn of a picture for head bending correction;
  • Adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness of photos;
  • Colour correction of photos;
  • Text tips on operation with the program;
  • Loading files from HDD, flash drive or memory card (Pro package);
  • Ability to work with a Twain-devices, scanners (Pro package);
  • Copying photos and signatures to the clipboard (Pro package);
  • Comparing of three consecutive photos to make choice of the best of them (Pro package);
  • The built in graphics editor for a retouch of photos, red eyes reduction and change of clothes (Pro package);
  • Voice information about start of shooting (Pro package);
  • Printing photos directly from StudioUEC (Option);
  • One year free update (Pro package).

    * Supported Canon Photo Cameras:
    : Pro-1, G-5, G-6, G-7, A75, A-80, A-85, A-95, A-510, A-520, A-620, A-640, S3-iS, S5-iS, SX100-iS, SX110-iS, G9, G10.

    Canon EOS: EOS 40D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 1000D, 1100D.
  • Demo version:

    To try "StudioUEC" you can download demo version.

    Download DEMO


    (License for one PC)
    199 US$
    Pro package 99 US$
    Ability to print photos 79 US$

    If you do not have PayPal, please contact us by e-mail: dpstudio@mail.ru to discuss other opportunities to purchase the program.


    Example of the low cost solution for taking ID photos and digitizing signatures.
    Description Model Price US$
    Signature Pad Wacom STU-300 150
    WebCam Microsoft LifeCam Studio 100
    Light equipment Table fluorescent lamp 150
    Software StudioUEC 199
    Total: 599

    Wacom Signature Pads
    Комплеты оборудования для фото на документы
    Table fluorescent lamp for WebCam
    Комплеты оборудования для фото на документы
    Canon EOS Camera with ring flash Canon EOS Camera with flash and umbrella
    Комплеты оборудования для фото на документы
    Комплеты оборудования для фото на документы


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