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About program:

"StudioTW" © software is the Twain-source that is designed for taking photos by HD WebCameras or digital Cameras that are operated in a remote control mode from a computer, the subsequent processing of these photos and then transfering these photos to the other external Applications that support the Twain-protocol, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. Besides it "StudioTW" can be used for photographing and transfering photos to the various databases. For example, for staff departments, for manufacturing plastic cards of banks, hotels, supermarkets, for driver's licenses.

Download DEMO

Main features:
  • Taking picture by High Definition WebCams;
  • Remote control of consumer Canon and Olympus cameras, supporting this feature *;
  • Remote control of Canon EOS and Olympus SLR cameras, supporting this feature *;
  • Life View on computer monitor;
  • Automatic face recognition. The program itself will find the face in a picture and will cut a photo so that to provide the set requirements to the sizes of a photo and head layout on it;
  • Manual framing (cutting) of photos by means of mouse or hotkeys;
  • Text tips on operation with the program;
  • Possibility of turn of a picture for head bending correction;
  • Adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness of photos;
  • Colour correction of photos;
  • Comparing of three consecutive photos to make choice of the best of them (Pro package);
  • The built in graphics editor for a retouch of photos, red eyes reduction and change of clothes (Pro package);
  • Voice information about start of shooting (Pro package);
  • Automatic camera shooting mode working at detection of the face in the field of view of the camera (Pro package);
  • Loading files from HDD, flash drive or memory card (Pro package);
  • Saving photos as a graphic file (Pro package);
  • Printing photos directly from StudioTW (Option);
  • One year free update (Pro package).

  • * Supported Photo Cameras:
    Olympus consumer: C-2040, C-3040, E-100RS, C-3100Z, C-3020Z, C-4040Z, C4100Z, C4000Z, C5050Z, C5060Z, C-40Z, D-40Z, C-700UZ, C-730UZ, C-740UZ, C-750UZ, C-760UZ, C765UZ, C770UZ, C-360, C-8080, C-7070, C-70, C-500, SP-350.
    Canon PowerShot: Pro-1, G-5, G-6, G-7, A75, A-80, A-85, A-95, A-510, A-520, A-620, A-640, S3-iS, S5-iS, SX100-iS, SX110-iS, G9, G10.

    Canon EOS:450D, 500D, 1000D, 1100D, 40D

    Main Window
    The program interface is simple and intuitively clear. After call of "StudioTW" from the External Application, "StudioTW" Main Window appears on the screen. In it, besides the main menu and tools for photographing and processing photos, there are two ImageBoxes. The left one display camera viewfinder video preview or picture that is downloaded from the camera after shooting. "StudioTW" finds the person face on this picture and automatically allocates the Aiming Frame so that to provide geometrical requirements to a photo. That part of a picture which is inside the Aiming Frame, is displayed in the upper right ImageBox and is the mockup of a processed photo which will be transferred in the External Application which has called "StudioTW". The operator by means of a mouse or "hotkeys" can correct manually position and the size of the Aiming Frame, and, therefore, appearance of a processed photo.
    ќсновное окно Click on the picture to enlarge it.
    Remote control by the camera from the PC
    Most of digital cameras do not allow to take photo, if they are connected to the computer by USB cable. Therefore, in the course of taking ID photos after each camera shoot it is necessary to connect the camera to the computer first, then to download a picture from its memory card, then to process and print a photo, again to disconnect the camera from the computer and only after that to take picture of the next person. Thanks to the function of the camera remote control realised in "StudioTW" for the cameras mentioned below, it is possible to simplify and accelerate this procedure, having created some kind of the automated workstation. This function allows to set all necessary parametres of shooting (zoom, flash mode, white balance, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, Е) and to make photography directly from the computer. You instal the camera on a tripod, connect its USB cable to the computer and through program "StudioTW" take photos by pressing buttons on the keyboard. After each photographing the photo is automatically transferred from the camera to the computer. All procedure of taking and printing photos takes less then couple minutes. Besides, it is possible to see a camera viewfinder preview on the computer monitor before shooting. So it will allow to take photos even when the operator is sitting back or sideways to the client.
    Camera remote control by computer via USB
    Internal graphics editor
    If it is required to retouch a photo, you can take advantage of the built in editor of program "StudioTW". In it you also can make red eyes reduction or change clothes on the person.

    Internal Editor

    Image adjustments
    For printing high quality photos, the operator can correct a photo on brightness, contrast, sharpnesses, to a saturation and colour shades.
    Photo Correction
    To learn more about "StudioTW" you can download demo version. Demo database "StudioTW_DB", from which you will be able to run "StudioTW" will be installed together with "StudioTW".
    If Adobe Photoshop is installed on your computer, come in into "File" menu and from section "Import" select "StudioTW Source". This will run "StudioTW". After you take a photo, press "OK" button on the "StudioTW" main window and this photo will be transfered to the Adobe Photoshop.

    Download DEMO


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