Software for ID and Mini Portrait photography and signature digitizing
"Studio Pro", "Studio Free", "StudioUEC" programs and "StudioTW" Twain-source

"Studio Pro" program is designed to capture, edit and print various types of ID photos. Using it you will be able to print Passport and Visa photos for the most countries of the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Brasil, Chili, China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, European and a lot of other countries. Also it will be possible to print any type of ID photos with any specific sizes, specific requirement, photos in oval or with white triangle in the corner. For example there are some peculiar photo formats in Mexico, such as "Pasaporte", "Filiacion", "Infantil", "Diploma" and "Titulo".
"StudioUEC" - program to automate the process of taking ID photos and capture signatures. This software make possible to take ID photos using HD WebCams or Canon EOS Photo Cameras and digitize signatures using both conventional and specialized graphic tablets Wacom STU-300, STU-500 and STU-520. The main field of application - personalization of plastic cards.
Download DEMO

"StudioTW" is a Twain-source (Twain-driver) that allows to take photos by WebCams and some Canon and Olympus digital cameras in a mode of remote control from the computer. Then to process these pictures and to transfer them in program applications that support Twain-protocol.

Download DEMO

Identificacion con Foto
Foto para Documento
Kimlik Fotografi
Aitheantais le Grianghraf

"Studio Pro" ScreenShots:
Main Window
The interface of the program is simple and intuitively clear. The main window is divided on two parts: at the left the basic tools of loading, processing and framing of a photo, on the right - print preview is displayed. It allows the operator to supervise continuously as, in what kind and in what quantity of a photo will be printed, that considerably reduces probability of mistakes.

Click on the picture on the right for its full-size viewing.
Main Window
For printing high quality photos, the operator can correct the initial image on brightness, contrast, density, sharpnesses, saturations colors. On the screen three images are displayed: initial, transformed and the sample.
Parameters of each updating can be kept as a profile, for example for a matte and glossy paper, color and BW pictures, and then to choose them from the list in the Main Window of the program.
Internal Editor
If it is required to retouch a photo, you can take advantage of the built in editor of program Studio. In it you also can change the form of clothes or impose on a photo other images.
Camera Remote Control from Computer
"Studio Pro" software makes you possible to operate some Canon and Olympus Digital Cameras remotely. It means that you'll be able to set shooting parameters (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Flash mode, ...), watch video preview on PC Monitor and take photos directly from your computer. Believe me, it's very useful feature that makes process of taking ID photos very easy and convenient.
Self-service Plugin
If you have a touch screen monitor and HD webcam (or Photo Camera supporting remote control mode from a computer), this feature will allow you to take and print ID photos without help of operator.
Режим самообслуживания

"Studio Pro" main features:
  • Take picture using High Definition Webcam;
  • Downloading photos from any type of , Digital Camera, Scanner, CD, Memory Card;
  • Printing photos on any type of Photo Ink Jet, Die Sublimation printers and Digital MiniLabs;
  • Any type of photo sizes (Passports: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, ...; Visa: USA, UK, Shengen, Finland, ...);
  • Possibility to print date stamp on photo;
  • Auto face detection and auto framing;
  • 90-degree step turn and 1-degree step tilt;
  • Auto and manual exposure adjustments;
  • Manual color and sharpness adjustments;
  • White triangles and oval shading;
  • Internal Graphic Editor with: Clone, Brush, Eraser, Dodge, Burn, Blur, RedEyes Reduction tools;
  • Image export to external Graphic Editor;
  • Background color change. Example;
  • Clothes change. Example;
  • Color to grayscale transformation;
  • Automatic arrangement of photos on print sheets with ability to move/rotate them manually;
  • Accumulating of different photos to print them on one sheet;
  • Remote control for some Digital Cameras:
    Olympus: C-2040, C-3040, E-100RS, C-3100Z, C-3020Z, C-4040Z, C4100Z, C4000Z, C5050Z, C5060Z, C-40Z, D-40Z, C-700UZ, C-730UZ, C-740UZ, C-750UZ, C-760UZ, C765UZ, C770UZ, C-360, C-8080, C-7070, C-70, C-500, SP-350.
    Olympus SLR: E420, E520 (Option);
    Canon PowerShot: S-60, Pro-1, G-5, G-6, G-7, A-75, A-80, A-95, A-510, A-520, A-620, A-640
    , S3-iS, S5-iS, G-9, G-10, SX100-iS, SX110-iS;
    Canon EOS: 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 1000D, 1100D, 40D, 50D, 60D (Option).
  • Counter of printed photos;
  • Manual monitor calibration:
  • Self-service ability (Option).

"Studio Pro" Demo-version:
You can download free demo-version to evaluate "Studio Pro" program.

Download Demo

"Studio Pro" prices:
Cost of the Lisence to use base version of "Studio" software on one computer is 150 US$. In addition to base version you can purchase following options: Self-service Form; Canon EOS cameras remote control by computer. Cost of the each option is 50 US$.

Order now:
"Studio Pro" Software 1 license 150 US$
Self-service Plugin 50 US$
Canon EOS Remote Control 50 US$

If you do not have PayPal, please contact us by e-mail: to discuss other opportunities to purchase the program.

ID kit:
Example of non-expensive equipment for printing ID photos:

  Model Approx. cost US$
PC Cel4-2,2; RAM 1024; HDD 250; DVD/CD-RW 200
Monitor Samsung 120
Printer Canon PIXMA iP4940 120
Camera Canon EOS 1100D Kit (Canon Rebel T3 Kit) 500
Software "Studio Pro" 150*

*price of License to install base version of "Studio" software on one computer.
Photostudio Light Examples:
If you need to print photos for ID purposes only it is quite acceptable to use built in Camera Flash only. But if you like to make really perfect portraits, you have to use additional FlashLights. Using Photo-Umbrellas make the light stream "soft" and reduce shades.
Two Umbrellas
One Umbrella
One Flash
BackGround Flash
BG Flash CloseUp
To enlarge all pictures click any of them.
Photo Cabins:
Photo Cabins equiped with "Studio" software are installed in Moscow Metro stations.

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